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Below is PYBX. Sent out Monday, August 9th 2010 (after the market closed) trading at .0002. Tuesday, August 10th, PYBX reached a high of .001, 400% profit in only one trading day!


Below is AAVG. Sent out Friday (mid-day market open) August 6th 2010, trading at .0065. Before the market closed it jumped up to .018. It continued to rally through Monday, August 9th and reached a high of .044 that's over 570% profit in just two trading days!! $1000 invested into this stock trading at .0065 on Friday, you would have a profit of over $5700!


Below is PLBI, I sent out Wednesday, July 21st 2010 (after the market closed, trading at .0085 per share). By Tuesday, July 27th 2010, it nearly doubled in price and reached a high of.014!

Below is AMNG, I sent it out the very same day that FRHV hit .1535. Tuesday, April 13th (after the market closed, trading at .045). Wednesday, April 14th, it reached a high of .12. Almost 300% profit in just one trading day!

Below is FRHV, I sent it out back on Friday, April 9th 2010 (after the market closed, trading around .02 per share). Monday, April 12th 2010 it jumped upto .12 and by Tuesday, April 13th 2010 it reached a high of .1535, making it one of my most biggest profitable stock picks yet.